Content marketing is like running: it takes more than just a desire to cross the finish line and a certain amount of joy in the journey.

I offer a full range of content writing services that take your company the distance, whether it’s a short 5K to increased visibility or a marathon to thought leadership and a shorter, more efficient sales cycle.

Full List of Services
  • Advertorials
  • Annual Reports
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Book Proposals
  • Books (ghostwritten)
  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • E-books and White Papers
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Profiles/Bios
  • SEO-friendly Website Content
  • Style Guides (grammar, branding)

5 + 8 =

E-Books and White Papers

E-books and white papers are the running shoes that cushion the shock, protect your joints, and propel you to the finish line. And just like your trusty kicks, they come in Stability, Neutral, and Cushioning.

Case Studies
Think of case studies as energy gel: delicious, portable packets that keep your content marketing efforts moving forward. Customer stories pack a powerful jolt of energy that drive you to the finish line.
Website Copy
Your website content serves as your training runs, building up a strong base for your marketing efforts. It’s what your customers and prospects refer to first, and each page of copy strengthens your overall message.
Contributed Articles
Add contributed articles to your marketing mix, and they’ll become the reflectors on your pre-dawn and post-dusk content marketing runs. Well-written contributed articles get published in trade magazines – and increase your visibility as an industry leader.
Brochures & Fact Sheets
Print marketing materials are your racing flats. Arm your sales reps with leave-behinds that speed prospects through the sales funnel and across the finish line.
Press Releases
Getting the media’s attention requires more than reflectors – it requires blink-y lights. Press releases that make a journalist’s job easier – and help them see you in the sea of media pitches – will get you coverage.
Blog Posts
Hydrate your way through the content marketing marathon with blog posts that offer valuable information to prospects and customers, as well as boost your SEO profile.
Newsletters (Electronic & Print)
Stay visible to customers with electronic and print newsletters delivered to their email and mailboxes.
Copy Editing
A good copy editor is your coach that helps you through form drills. Get a fresh set of eyes that works with the Chicago Manual of Style, AP Style, or your own in-house style guide.

What People Are Saying

“Christine did an amazing job. On a project level, her work is less expensive than those charging half the rate. She is a pleasure to work with, and we will definitely consider her for future assignments.”

Rain Hughes
CFP, Fairway Financial, LLC

“Christine showed great motivation and ingenuity, and has a real ‘get up and get it’ mentality.  She showed initiative and drive.  If these are important qualities to you, then she is very capable.”

Norman Willis
Overseer, Nazarene Israel

“Christine provides a very useful and professional service. I was able to focus on business development while Christine took care of editing the content for my newsletter.”

Steve Conca
Founder & Director, Conca Sport & Fitness

“I had the opportunity to hire Christine in early 2011 to handle all the copywriting challenges for the relaunch of my business website. As a software developer, I often think in small, disjointed ideas, and Christine was able to take those fragments of thoughts and tie them together into a polished, cohesive narrative for my business.

She was very up-front with me about both what she did and did not understand about software development, and asked all the right questions throughout the project to ensure that the right message was presented for my potential clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Christine to anyone.”

Jared Haworth
Principal, Alloy Code

“Christine is an invaluable resource. She’s helped both my clients and my own firm on a number of occasions. It’s great knowing she’s there when I need her. She’s a true professional.”

Chris Dawkins
Principal, Trace Media

“I use Christine to refresh my sales copy on emails, catalogues, and mailing pieces. She takes the time to know about my target audience, and to become familiar with the look and feel of my company.

Working with her has lightened my load considerably. I can trust Christine to come up with the right words to communicate with my clients and prospects.”

Cheryl Termo
Owner, Silver Screen Design

“I hired Christine to edit a lengthy whitepaper and was amazed at the results. She was able to rip through the tens of pages very quickly and accurately, providing a great value.

I was looking for a ’80/20′ editing job to make sure there were no obvious errors, but was not interested in large changes or perfection, and she took this direction in stride. I would not hesitate to work with Christine again!”

Nick Webb
Principal Data Protection Specialist, Red Wire Services, LLC

“Christine is my go-to for copywriting needs. At the beginning of every project, we discuss exactly what we need as well as the tone of each piece. She offers advice and perspective but ultimately brings our vision to life in the projects we have worked on.

Our last project was Service Descriptions, which can get a little technical. She did a great job understanding and translating what we need for our customers to learn about our services.”

Bill Xydias
Director of Marketing, Integration Partners

“Christine is absolutely wonderful to work with, extremely professional and personable. She has been consistently reliable and follows through on tasks. I have worked with her on behalf of a well-known IT client, and her expertise relating to the content was extremely beneficial.

The white paper she wrote for us was creative, expressed her subject expertise, and was delivered on time. She is always on our list of writers to work with, and I am delighted to recommend her!”

Michele Tezduyar
Director, New Business Development, StratComm, Inc.

“As a company that specializes in branding, we understand that a brand isn’t just the visual parts of your business; it’s also the words you use when you talk about what you do.

This is why we had to have Christine do the writing for our website. The design was handled, but we needed copy that was going to match our personalities and the light and fun vibe we were looking to give.

Christine got it right on the first try, with next to no revisions, and we are constantly complimented on the work she did for us. Christine is our go-to copywriter not only for our own needs, but also for those of our clients.”

Allison Biggs
Graphic Designer, Business Betties

“Christine is a very experienced and creative writer who can produce good results when it comes to company messaging, website content development, and corporate marketing. eTeam was very happy with her quality of work.”

Ben Thakur
CEO, eTeam, Inc.

“I was fortunate to find Christine and not only use her once for the wedding division of my company, but also for my main division, Mosaic in Motion.

She was very prompt with her communication, direct, and organized. An absolute pleasure to work with, and I have referred her many times, that of which I will continue to do so. Thanks Christine for your great work!”

John Woll
Owner/Producer, Mosaic in Motion

“Christine has been copyediting the Copyediting newsletter for almost a year now. Copyediting for other copyeditors requires great attention to detail and a greater-than-usual respect for the writer/copyeditor.

Copyeditors are among the pickiest for correct language. Christine fulfills both these requirements. She returns the work on time, even when it’s delivered late.”

Erin Brenner
Editor-in-Chief, Copyediting

“Christine has served our company well on many occasions. She has turned around an assortment of writing assignments for our agency in a timely manner – always working within our unpredictable timelines.

Christine asks the right questions to better understand each assignment and delivers a comprehensive and thoughtful product. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Leah Ludwig
Account Director, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.

“Christine helped me out with a piece I needed to write for a quickly approaching deadline. No matter what I tried on my own, the material I put together was lack-luster.

Working with Christine was easy and fun. She asked all the right questions to get inside my head and figure out what needed to be included, finished early and put together a piece that I was beyond pleased with. I would recommend her for any writing assignment.”

Adam Connor
UI Designer, Mad*Pow

“Christine is an excellent and efficient writer. She knows what questions to ask and how to get the job done — no hand-holding needed here.”

Gina F. Rubel, Esq.
President/CEO, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.